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Conference rooms

Location is a key factor in organising a successful conference, corporate event, training session, business meeting, wedding or family event.
Our classical-style hotel is the most ideal location for conferences in the area, where unique event capacity is combined with high standard catering services. We have four separable conference rooms in professional technical condition, our staff’s expertise all contribute to your satisfaction.

We are willingly at your disposal even in the early period of organization, in order to have a successful event, always keeping in mind your needs.

For energy-efficient operation we have taken these measures.

Apart from the perfect location, we offer the following modern technical equipments:

  • built-in and mobile projector
  • built-in and mobile sound system
  • built-in and mobile screen
  • microphones, microport
  • TV, Video and DVD player
  • Flip chart
  • WIFI
  • stage
  • lectern
  • in case of other needs we will help you as well

Below, allow us to introduce our rooms.

D o m e r o o m T h r o n e r o o m Stairs Basement Casino room S t . S t e p h e n I . S t . S t e p h e n I I . S t . S t e p h e n I I I . W i n e b a r