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At our hotel, we can provide a prospect for all kind of wedding options from classic to modern. We are pleased to announce that everyone can find the right size and atmosphere within the hotel, fit the individual needs, since we have four rooms available, unique in our city and in the region.

In our exclusive Dome room, our guests can enjoy the celebration under the starry sky. With its large round tables even 250-300 guests are able to attend the event. While for a smaller and cosier wedding ceremony, St. Stephen room is the best location with 3 grandiose rooms which can be opened into a whole room. Our hotel’s pride, the Throne room makes small, private weddings unforgettable for the newly-weds as well as their guests, where they can celebrate in royal stlye.

Choosing the perfect location is as essential as selecting the best wedding menu. Couples can select from a wide range of enticing wedding menus. Beside the traditional plate service or buffet system, guests have the chance to choose mixed menus as well.

Traveling home and resting the toils would not cause a problem for guests arrived from afar, since we provide rooms for the wedding guests in a discounted price. After the wonderful wedding, we have a real special wedding present for the newly-wedded couple: as the highlight of the day, the honeymoon suite is our present.

The success of an unforgettable wedding is in the details. Our dedicated and experienced colleagues will be a great help in the preparation as well as in the organisation.


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